Blog #5

-Anthony Demme

According to Livingston a religious ritual is an agreed-on formalized pattern of ceremonial movements and verbal expressions carried out in a sacred text. Basically a religious ritual can be anything dedicated to that religion. There are different types of religions though. There are life cycle rites which are pretty much an individual who progresses his/her life to the next stage through separation, transition, and reincorporation. These can include social puberty which is an initiation to becoming an adult. An example of this is the bar mitzvah in Judaism. Another life cycle rite is vocational initiation rites. This is more of a ceremony type event where the individual displays that they are ready to become a member of that society. The next life cycle rite is marriage and funeral rites. This rite is your basic joining of your life with that significant other. The second category of life rites is the life crisis rites. These normally include healings like exorcisms and special aid conducted by medicine men, shamans, and priests. There is a calendar set up for these seasonal rituals. They match up with the seasons and the cycles of the sun and moon. An example of this is the New Year Festival which is the changing of the New Year and is celebrated for changing and being better the next year. Another form of rituals is sacrifice. This is where people will sacrifice items, blood, or even people to a god or spirit as a gift. According to Livingston the most important part of sacrifice is expressed by the term expiration – the making of amends or atonement – for defilement or sinful transgression (2009 p.90). This is basically the cleansing and removing of evil or corruption. The last form of rituals is sacraments. Religious rituals are sacrament because they are holy and sacred. The sacraments do not just represent the sacred but they also are actions. 


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