Blog Assignment 4

In my opinion, I believe that the bible was written to help guide people throughout their lives and show them the difference between right and wrong.  But I do not think that it should be made out to be the law that everybody must abide by.  There are also so many different interpretations of the bible which could mean one thing to to a certain group of people, and could have a totally different meaning to another group of people, so I do not think it would be very wise to use this holy text as the laws to live by.  I do not personally agree with same sex marriage, I fully believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but at the same time, you cannot just put up "Gays and lesbians are disgraces to humanity."  You are just asking for a whole lot of trouble when you put that verse up, and we all know that Christianity is not practiced by everybody in the world.  We all have our different beliefs, but that should take away to the fact that we are all still human beings.  Another reason that I don't we should look at the bible as the law is because there are a lot of different types of punishments that are very extreme, and that would not be acceptable at any way to this day.  But aside from that,  there is no way that the bible should be used as the law because so many people do not follow the religion, and you should not be forced to practice a religion that you do not believe in.


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