Blog 6

Since this is an open blog assignment, I figured I'd write about how uneducated people really are on the bible. When I say this, I mean myself. I had no idea there had been so many changes, so many things left out, and so many factors that went into play. I every church I've been in, I cant help but wonder now if they knew or they just have a blind faith the the bible is God's complete word. That being said, my faith is not challenged by this fact. I have just as much faith in Jesus Christ now as I did 6 weeks ago. I just find it absurd that so many Christians base their life around a book without truly knowing what went into its existence. I feel like God divinely inspired every word that is written. Each person was a hand picked tool  to compile his word. If nothing else, being educated has only made my faith stronger. And I feel that I can relate with others who have different beliefs than I do. I can't agree with them, but I know their personal faith is as genuine as my own, so it is not my position to judge them either. I am really just fascinated by study religion from this perspective. It sheds a light on religion I have never gotten to see. Who are we judge what we do not understand anyway? To me, thats foolish.


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