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This Chapter discusses Sacred Scripture. The term scripture is a Western term that comes from the Latin word scripture meaning "A writing". So to be Scripture, it must be a written text. A similarity between literate religious communities is that each one possesses a Sacred scripture. When a Sacred text reaches canonical status, it takes on a whole new role. It has certain features that it now more or less shares with other Sacred texts. However, some times the special features are only recognized by the group of believers. For example, Christians belief that the bible is God's Holy Word. Non Christians probably do not feel the same way. Sacred scripture possess a form of sacred power to those who believe in it and this makes it an object to be shown reverence and praise. Holy Scriptures are considered to be authoritative by the group of people who has declared it to mean more than other worldly writings. The believers use the rules and guildelites the feel see laid out in their Sacred scriptures as a model of how to live their lives. Their are 5 roles of Scripture for a body of believers. 1. Scripture is used for Instruction and Education. 2. scripture plays an important role in public worship and ritual. In some religions, the Sacred Scripture is what give guidance on how to worship and what rituals to perform. 3. Scripture is used for meritation and devotion. These are spiritual exercises that are performed by priests, nuns, and monks as well as regular people who are seeking a relationship with he Holy. 4. Scripture is an object of religious devotion for believers. 5. The last is the Magical Function of Sacred Scripture. Believers feel that their scripture possess a form of supernatural power. Every Sacred Scripture requires interpretation. For example, Christians show that although they have the same sacred scripture, and the same wholly other supernatural being, they still have different interpretations of what the Bible is saying. Hence why there are so many different denominations. It goes without saying that without Sacred Scripture, there is no base for religious belief.


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