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At the beginning of her talk, Roxanne Gay says that she used to be afraid to admit that she was a feminist, because it was synonymous with the “f” word- it was something widely considered wrong and controversial. Later on, she talks about how she learned to embrace feminism and be able to proudly say that yes, she is a feminist. This is something that really hits home for me. While I was fairly outspoken about my beliefs and opinions in high school, when I came to college, I quickly learned that my beliefs were not popular ones throughout this area, and began to hold my tongue for fear of not fitting in. This pattern of behavior followed me for the next two years. Anytime anything controversial came up in conversation, I would simply nod my head in silent agreement and not say what I really thought. It was never that I was ashamed of being a feminist, I was just afraid of being ridiculed for it. Finally, much like Roxanne Gay, I realized that feminism was something to embrace wholeheartedly and be proud of. I began speaking out, and actively seeking out friends with similar beliefs to mine. I also relate to Roxanne when she talks about being a “bad” feminist. I listen to songs with degrading lyrics, I am a member of Greek life which is a system built of sexism, and I sometimes find myself judging other women for choices that are theirs alone to make. However, I think that the point Roxanne was trying to make in this talk is that the only truly bad feminist is someone who believes in a feminism that only supports one type of woman, or someone who is not a feminist. As she said, I would rather be a bad feminist than not be a feminist at all.


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