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After watching the video, I felt kind of confused.  The guy in the video just seemed to bash historians as a whole and seemed kind of uneducated.  I figured out that he was on the Christian side of the argument since he was so against all the Zoroastrian stuff.  The whole time he seemed to just call people out and tell us how bad of a job they did.  He constantly called out historians and that bothered me.  It bothered me because if it were not for historians I don’t think we would know as much as we do about the past and about our planet in general.  I feel like if it was not for historians, no one would know anything.  The fact that throughout the video he mumbled “like” and “um” really irritated me and makes it even more obvious that he is uneducated and has no idea what he is talking about.  I also think that he hung the posters that are hung in the background to make it seem like he is educated and knows what he is talking about when in reality that is not the case.  I do not think his definition of an "atheist" is right at all.  I think means that you are not for any religion at all, not attacking Jesus. In my opinion, I think that he should do some research and expand on his knowledge about some of the things he is arguing about.  After that I think he should start posting more videos.


I agree with what you are saying. I myself didnt understand where his academic background came from or if he was ever educated. My main reason for these thoughts were the content and organization of his video. I do agree with you that his definition of Atheism is very off and his sketchy historical facts always ended with an odd insult to either historians, religions and people. We had similar thoughts about this video.

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