Lancelot the God

In Sir Thomas Malory's "Morte Darthur," he portrays Lancelot as a God. Lancelot is very well liked, the best knight of the round table, and can kill a man with a single blow. Why is it that Lancelot is shown in such a manner? It seems that Lancelot has such strength and might because of his strong connection with God. Lancelot states, "But, Jesu Christ, be Thou my shield and mine armor" (333). Right after this quote Lancelot strikes down a large man with one blow to the head. To be able to strike down a man of such size in one blow there would have to be some sort of Godly strength. Since Lancelot does this on more than one occasion throughout this portion of the excerpts, something is going on. Perhaps Lancelot’s strength and abilities come from God himself. Or maybe his strength is temporary and bestowed upon him only when he needs it. Due to Lancelot's religious commitment it seems that he is able to obtain his God like abilities from the Lord himself. Meaning that God has blessed him with strength and will always bless him as long as Lancelot stays faithful in his religion.


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