Blog #1 What is religion?

Erin Reed

  In chapter one the author talks about the study of religion and how we define religion. There are so many different definitions for the world religion. What is religion? Something that is religious to one person might not be religious to another person. Each particular religion has there own particular religious beliefs and practices. This chapter also talks about why there is religion and why humans are religious. To humans religion is a very common thing. Who are you to tell someone what religious beliefs they should or should not have? The same thing goes for atheists. Of course I do not agree with it but atheism has grown in the world today. These people believe that there is no god. We ask so many questions about god and religion. A lot of people are born into religion. What I mean by that is when you are growing up you learn and pick up things from your parents. If as a child you remember going to church with your family and learning certain things about god when you grow up you are more than likely going to follow in your parents foot steps.

         Another question that they ask in this chapter is why study religion? The author came up with five reasons as to why it’s so important to study religion.  The reasons are to understand homo religious, to overcome our ignorance, to comprehend their culture, to achieve a global perspective, and lastly, to help us formulate our own religious belief or philosophy of life. 


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