Life After Death

In Emily Dickinson's Because I Could Not Stop for Death, she writes from the point of view after the grave, looking back on her life.  It is as if she is talking about death like an old friend, like he is doing her a favor by waiting for her in the first stanza.  I appreciate this poem so much because instead of the fear that usually greets the idea of death, Dickinson sees it as it is.  Death is inevitable, something that happens at the end of everyone's life, a simple idea, really.  Eventually Miss Emily accepts her fate, death, and goes willingly.  However, in the fifth stanza she writes, "We paused before a House that seemed / A Swelling in the Ground / The Roof was scarcely visible / The Cornice in the Ground."  By this, does she mean the literal ground, like her grave when she dies, which is more likely, or the assumption of "down there," under the ground, as in Hell, a place her soul might go after her body is gone?  Because she did not mention her sins or any fear of dying, almost as if she is going willingly, I feel like it is a literal reference instead of her using the ground as a metaphor.

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