Blog #9

This week we discussed the concept of Cosmogony. What is cosmogony? According Anatomy of the Sacred, cosmogony is "an account of the emergence or creation of world order (AOS p 183). Or, in more basic terms, how the world came about and was created. There are many cosmogic myths, which makes it hard to say for sure how creation played out. These myths include "accounts of generation or procreation from a primal substance, the sexual union of a primal male and female, and the ordering of a primal chaos through the conflict of divine forces" (Anatomy of the Sacred, 184). Westerners are thought to take for granted the creation of the world. It is believed that most of our assumptions, without deeper research, simply derive from what we read in the bible. I'm guessing this is a reference towards to classic story of Adam & Eve- which, although I am Christian, I am hesitant on believing just because it seems so basic. The book points out just how complex cosmogony is. Cosmogonic myth often represents the exemplary model for every future creative act, so many etiological myths begin with the rehearsal of the original cosmogony. (AOS 185). Etiological is the description of the cause or meaning of a thing. In the Neolithic age, lumps of clay were used to represent how the world began. Procreation from a primal substance is just how it sounds, the idea that life was created through a substance like water or earth, or a being of some sort. The sexual union of a primal male and female describes the coming together of primal opposites- for example, the story of the sky god Nut and the earth god Geb. Creation by conflict and the ordering of chaos is unlike most other myths because instead of creation as a positive, natural thing, this type of creation derives from violence and conflict. Creation by a divine craftsman is the idea that there was a being or individual that created man. the term creatio ex nihilio was used in this, and it means creation by decree of out of nothing. Not all religions possess cosmogonic myths, and if they do, sometimes they are deemed as less significant. Cosmogony today has been a source of occasional conflict, as there have been many debates as to put creation science in school curriculum or not. 


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